Graffiti Is Art

is graffiti considered art

It is a good thing that you are reading this article because you will learn whether or not graffiti is considered art or not. Graffiti is actually art. Many people do not like to see graffiti because they feel it is bad for the environment, and that is true, it is vandalism and in some places it can be a real pain in the neck.

Graffiti is also considered an act of vandalism and therefore it is punished in a very bad way. However if you go to a gallery and see a piece of artwork created by graffiti, then you will have a much more positive view of it than someone who sees a piece in a store or on a fence. Graffiti is considered art and this can be a great way to express yourself, or maybe you just want to say how you feel. When people think about graffiti they only think about vandalism, but graffiti can also be art.

There are many artists and people who are into graffiti that do not realize that when they make their piece of art they can use whatever kind of ink that they want and this means that they are not limited to one kind of ink, they can use them all. This is why they are called graffiti and not illegal vandalism because graffiti should be protected, but it does fall under the law.

Graffiti can be created for many different reasons. It can be to express your opinions, it can be a part of a culture, and it can also be a part of a fashion statement. Graffiti can be the beginning of a new trend that can help a city and show the world that there is a new look to the city.

Graffiti can be anywhere. You can have it on the side of the bus or on the side of a car, it can be on a building or in the streets. Graffiti is always there and it is always something that people have to deal with. Graffiti can be found on the sides of buildings, inside and outside of stores, on the back of buses, and even on clothing that is not so expensive.

Graffiti can be very beautiful, it can also be extremely disgusting at the same time. Graffiti is not something that should be overlooked, but there are some people who don’t like it because of how it is done and how it looks. But what you have to keep in mind is that graffiti is not illegal vandalism and many people have been arrested for it and some even have gotten to jail.